The vicious circle of the guilty .ΜΕΤΑΦΡΑΣΗ ΚΕΙΜΕΝΟΥ ΗΡΙΑΝΝΑΣ ΒΛ


The vicious circle of the guilty.
A few days ago I was an eyewitness to the deadlock of a grotesque incident taking place on Loukareos Street

In this tragicomic procedure, what the witnesses and accused, have sincerely testified was never been heard by the court. The mere mention of names of my beloved persons – which have nothing to do with this case, criminal actions or any form of violence – were used as ‘arguments’ in favor of the conviction that was taken against me.

While a lawyer and a specialized geneticist struggled to explain to the judges the non-existent nature of the accusations, the judges chose, with those who stood opposite to thenm ,to putask out-of-place and even literally surreal questions and obviously refused to understand the indictment.

The whole paranoid climate confirmed the initial impression I had of my attempted involvement in the case: in the last few weeks I was not alone. Me and my co-defendant, it wasn’t only me or my codefendant that went on trial, but instead, along with us two, my partner was tried for the second time.

What if the acquittal decision in his three-year court is legally irrevocable? The suspended elements of a case that has long expired shifted again, creating a vicious cycle of the guilty.

At this moment I expect my transfer to the Eleonas of Thiva prison, to spend my next exhausting-in-number days upon the remnants of the madness festivalfestival of the mad.


Herianna B. L.